Now is the Time

I have been doing a little reading on one of my true loves, brain research, and would like to take a moment to say that rapid growth in the field is producing astounding findings that are important to those of us in the brain business, teaching and learning. I am, of course, dismayed by the . . . → Read More: Now is the Time



I am unabashedly pro-reform, and proud of it. The public schools in the U.S. are headed in the wrong direction and must be redirected to a new course. The evidence is clear that things have gone unquestionably wrong. Failing schools, increasing drop out rates, a badly deteriorating infrastructure, and demoralized teachers are all indicators . . . → Read More: Pro-Reform

Where Do You Stand?

One could argue that the primary function of the public schools is the cognitive development of the children who attend. It seems reasonable that those who are in charge of said cognitive development would have a solid understanding of what the concept means and of the current research in the field. As I observe current . . . → Read More: Where Do You Stand?

Full Disclosure

Full disclosure: I spent 36 years in public education as a high school math/science teacher and as a district-level administrator responsible for curriculum, instruction and assessment. At the university level I have taught graduate-level classes in curriculum, instruction, and especially in the teaching of higher-level thinking. My background includes speaking in venues across the continent . . . → Read More: Full Disclosure

Problems: High-Stakes Standardized Tests

Our friend, Marion Brady, put together a comprehensive list of what is wrong with high-stakes standardized tests. Feel free to copy and pass around to parents, teachers, and othe r concerned citizens.

PROBLEMS: HIGH-STAKES STANDARDIZED TESTS A partial list of problems with standardized, machine-scored tests, problems which should be addressed before such tests are used . . . → Read More: Problems: High-Stakes Standardized Tests

A Message to Local School Boards Across America (Present Company Included)

A Facebook friend who is a college professor and father of school-age kids in Pennsylvania recently posted this message he delivered to his local school board. It is so well done I thought it needs to be shared with others. So with Tim Slekar’s approval:

Diane Ravitch, former Assistant Secretary of Education under President . . . → Read More: A Message to Local School Boards Across America (Present Company Included)

Open Letter to Michelle and Barack Obama:

Open Letter to Michelle and Barack Obama:

Here is what the experts say our kids will need to be successful in the 21st Century:

Basic, scientific, mathematical, and technological literacies. Inventive thinking including curiosity, creativity, and risk taking as well as higher order thinking and sound reasoning. Effective Communication including teaming, collaboration, and interpersonal . . . → Read More: Open Letter to Michelle and Barack Obama: