No National Standards!

The governors and CSSO’s of 46 states have joined Arne Duncan and formed a compact to develop national standards for the K-12 schools. All of this was done in secret and announced recently at a national conference. There are many reasons to be concerned about this development. A new website has been created to . . . → Read More: No National Standards!

Carbon Sequestration in the Mid-Columbia

Pete McGrail, PNNL scientist, sent us a copy of his Powerpoint for a Pasco-Kennewick Rotary presentation and some references to other links on the Internet. The following article is based on these resources.

One of the great energy sources of the US is coal. We have vast supplies of the stuff, but there is . . . → Read More: Carbon Sequestration in the Mid-Columbia

Tri-Cities STEM School, Delta High

Delta High School, a school with emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math, is big news in Washington State’s Tri-Cities area. To be jointly operated by the three school districts in the region and with support from Battelle and Washington State University, Delta High plans to open with 100 freshmen in September, 2009. I . . . → Read More: Tri-Cities STEM School, Delta High

Terry Bergeson Has Left the Building


ALERT, JANUARY 21, 2009! Terry Bergeson has left the building. It has been a long, hard road, but Randy Dorn is now in charge. Here is a link: CLICK HERE , to where he describes how he plans to complete his campaign promise and begin the effort to replace the WASL with . . . → Read More: Terry Bergeson Has Left the Building

Back to the Real Basics

Marion Brady has allowed us to post a recent article we feel is of great importance. He asks us to examine problems we are facing with our current curriculum and to consider our purposes in the face of a changing world. If you want to stretch your brain a bit, read “Back . . . → Read More: Back to the Real Basics

A Song by Tom Chapin

Here is a song by Tom Chapin that fits my beliefs pretty well.

Write to your newspaper

This would be a great time to write a letter to the Editor of your local paper to register your concerns about the WASL as a graduation requirement. For letter writing tips CLICK HERE.