Terry Bergeson Has Left the Building


ALERT, JANUARY 21, 2009! Terry Bergeson has left the building. It has been a long, hard road, but Randy Dorn is now in charge. Here is a link: CLICK HERE , to where he describes how he plans to complete his campaign promise and begin the effort to replace the WASL with . . . → Read More: Terry Bergeson Has Left the Building

Learning Essentials Assessment Program

10-Points in the Development of a Quality Assessment Program I support the use of content standards as one component of an accountability system for the students and schools of the State of Washington. I further believe that state required accountability tests, based on these standards, must be practical and useful to parents and educators. These . . . → Read More: Learning Essentials Assessment Program

Planning A Trip to the Future? Get a Good Map

Suppose you are in St. Louis, Missouri and you are planning a trip to Vancouver, Washington. Only two maps are available, the one given Lewis and Clark at the start of their journey, or a U.S. highway map from Walmart. Which map would you choose?

. . . → Read More: Planning A Trip to the Future? Get a Good Map

The Cabinetmaker

Let’s say I am a cabinetmaker specializing in high quality, world-class furniture. I want to be sure my work stacks up against the competition so I get out my trusty hammer, which is about a foot long, to measure the dimensions of my new cabinet. I drop the hammer on the surface of my . . . → Read More: The Cabinetmaker

Tips On Writing a “WASL” Letter to the Editor

One way to get the attention of the public regarding our concerns about the WASL is to write letters to the editors of local papers. An occasional letter doesn’t count for much, but a concentrated effort around the State will influence not just the public but the legislature as well. This technique is being . . . → Read More: Tips On Writing a “WASL” Letter to the Editor

Off-Grade Testing

The use of the WASL at grades 3, 5, 6, and 8 is completely inappropriate. The test is instructionally insensitive with only a few items sampling a broad range of EALRS. Because there are so many extended answer items, the total number of questions on any given topic does not . . . → Read More: Off-Grade Testing

A Common Misconception?

“The WASL concept of subject matter testing as a basis for earning a comprehensive high school diploma seems intuitively obvious.”

It may seem obvious, but the people who design such tests and the experts who interpret their results suggest that they absolutely should not be used for such purposes.

For example, the . . . → Read More: A Common Misconception?